Chumbe Island Coral Park

Chumbe Island Coral Park

The trip in a motorized boat will take you to the secluded island of Chumbe which manages natural reserve, with forest and marine nature trails, one kilometer of totally protected and untouched reef, a historic lighthouse (built in 1904) and an old mosque.

The biggest attractions of the island are the peaceful and natural environment. You will journey through the special nature trails passing a tunnel of fascinating indigenous undergrowth, listening to birds and small animals going about their uninterrupted business.

More than 40 species of birds have been identified on the island, including the endangered Roseate Tern. Snorkeling in the Reef Sanctuary is amazing; an uninterrupted coral garden stretches right from the shallow beach to a drop-off to about 16 metres deep, teeming with thousands of colourful fish belonging to 370 families, which is among the highest diversity found anywhere along the East African Coast.

Turtles and dolphins regularly visit the reef, and spiny lobsters peed out of their hostels confident that nobody will hunt for them, and you may even seen a huge grouper living only a few metres under the surface on the drop-off.